Personalized Workout Program

Photo of Personalized Workout Program
Photo of Personalized Workout Program

Working out can be a sexy undertaking. But how sexy? That's what handsome daddy Marvin was pondering as he considered the needs of his latest personal training client, sexy daddy Amilcar. Though business was thriving, Marvin worried that the men stopping by lately desired just a single session; and one consisting of less pumping iron—and more pumping the dude's bare ass. Not that the hunky muscle top minded it, or how the good word of mouth about his training methods was bringing in lots of needy bottoms like this afternoon's beautifully muscled client. The man's concerns were about a successful repeat business. But how could Marvin maintain such intense one-on-one sessions when guys, like Amilcar, had hard muscles and hard-ons as their goals, and coming back meant intensely cumming every time, too? Daddy's dilemma sure is one we all wish we had!

Categories: Big Dick, Daddy 50-60, Daddy tops Man, Muscle Daddy, Uncut
Details: Apr 24, 2021 27 min
Photo of Amilcar
Photo of Marvin

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