The Code

Photo of The Code
Photo of The Code

Sexy, tatted, mustachioed Daddy Dillon is ready for some fun. But not just any good time. He wants his holes used by another hot daddy’s tongue and raw cock. Erik is surely a hairy hottie, ready and waiting to do just that. However you need a code to get into this stud’s dungeon and have him use your mouth and man butt with his big cock. Fortunately this bottom knows it. So the rimming and top fucking can commence. Meanwhile, even if the code was unknown both of these handsome hunks knew the one would be wide open and ready to let the other man in. Balls deep and bare!

Categories: Bareback, Bear, Daddy 50-60, Daddy tops Daddy, Leather
Details: Jun 24, 2024 21 min
Photo of Dillon W. Hess
Dillon W. Hess
Photo of Erik Griffin
Erik Griffin

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