Welcum Aboard

Photo of Welcum Aboard
Photo of Welcum Aboard

The more highly rated a business, the busier it gets. Like Gerardo's personal training operation which is at its busiest. But to be at this level also takes instinct. The kind that clicks when an opportunity presents itself to show off one's skills. That was the case when the muscle boy found muscle daddy Dimitry ready for some personal and professional skill-working—and got his muscled ass muscle-fucked. Another example of how the best personal trainers work your butt by giving you theirs to work raw, deep, and hard!

Categories: Bareback, Big Dick, Daddy 50-60, Daddy tops Younger, Muscle Daddy
Details: Sep 23, 2023 28 min
Photo of Dimitry
Photo of Gerardo Mass
Gerardo Mass

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