You Should Give Porn a Try

Photo of You Should Give Porn a Try
Photo of You Should Give Porn a Try

Handsome Fernan is sure about one thing: he loves cock in his bare ass and hungry mouth. What he is not so sure about is getting barebacked in porn. In come, make that cum (a lot), two pros at fucking on screen: stud daddy Chaco and muscle boy Gerardo. And both big-dicked men are determined to get this sexy bottom into filmed fornication. Even if it takes tag-teaming him for his first time. Which, of course, they have no qualms doing. Nor does Fernan protest. Let's XXX-pect this will be the first of many times he's plowed on camera!

Categories: Bareback, Big Dick, Boy tops Daddy, Daddy 50-60, Daddy 60-70, Daddy tops Daddy, Threeway, Uncut
Details: Oct 25, 2021 28 min
Photo of Chaco
Photo of Fernan Moran
Fernan Moran
Photo of Gerardo Mass
Gerardo Mass

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