I Need a Room

Photo of I Need a Room
Photo of I Need a Room

Few deals work out as well as this one. Imagine youre a hot young man in town thinking you have a place to stay—but you dont. Then imagine youre a hot older man with a spare room. Now imagine that same young man, John, working his dick in that newfound room, is a bareback bottom always hungry for big raw cock, and that the strauight daddy, Cesar, has a huge cock always needing holes to fuck. So, it seems, both needs are, uhmm, FILLED, and that these are dual accommodations—make that a-CUM-modations—that could go on indefinitely. See how well that works?!

Categories: Bareback, Big Dick, Daddy 60-70, Daddy tops Younger
Details: Sep 24, 2021 34 min
Photo of Cesar Roma
Cesar Roma
Photo of John Blaker
John Blaker

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