Grandpa got Mugged

Photo of Grandpa got Mugged
Photo of Grandpa got Mugged

Don't be too "alarmed." HG (Hot Grandpa) has it more under control than you think. Sure he was caught off guard—and mugged! But this 81 year old (who first came to us at 70 AND eleven years ago!) managed to turn a very bad situation around. Yeah, the culprit, big-boned Luiggi, may be getting some dough. However the bottom got his top tied down, got down on his huge cock, had his ass plowed (alot!), and got himself off, too. So, this crime paid both ways!

Categories: Bareback, Big Dick, Daddy 60-70, Daddy over 70, Daddy tops Daddy
Details: Aug 24, 2021 30 min
Photo of Hot Grandpa
Hot Grandpa
Photo of Luiggi

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