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Photo of Show me what you got
Photo of Show me what you got

Videlo is a firm believer that practice makes perfect. He is in a constant quest to perfect his "loving techniques". So he turns to his friends to teach him. Gerardo and Hassan are two of the hottest models today. He is the perfect Son he is the perfect Daddy. Watch as Videlo takes valuable notes that will help him better his future performances. After logging his findings Daddy immediately get down to business with some raw hard pounding action. Gerado loves it. Both daddies take their turn to fuck his ass Followed by a chest-dripping of Daddies' warm cum.

Categories: Bareback, Daddy 60-70, Daddy tops Younger, Threeway
Details: Mar 25, 2020 32 min
Photo of Gerardo Mass
Gerardo Mass
Photo of Hassan
Photo of Videlo

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