Pimping my Boy Out

Photo of Pimping my Boy Out
Photo of Pimping my Boy Out

Luiggi is trying to establish a new business off the ground. He is pimping his boys for money as if it was a legit enterprise. One of his first clients is his friend Aslan who gladly would like to chip in a few backs to help his entrepreneurial friend. After closing the deal, Luiggi takes charge of the situation and tells his hot bottom stud Joaquin exactly what to do, how to do it. Luiggi Jumps and takes turn to fuck Aslan in an extremely hot three-way as dicks enter mouths and warm holes all over the place!

Categories: Big Dick, Daddy 60-70, Daddy tops Man, Threeway, Uncut
Details: Apr 24, 2020 32 min
Photo of Aslan
Photo of Joaquin
Photo of Luiggi

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